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About Us

Mr. Nitin Banait
Founder & CEO

Dr. Ajeenckya Chavaan
eSakhi EV Fleets is the brain-child of Mr. Nitin Banait, he has been in EV Industry for more than decade. Currently he is the Director of our prestigious India-EV-Fleets company. He has spent more than 4.5 years for his research work at from Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, one of the premier Education Establishments of our country. Mr. Nitin is dedicated towards his work and want to develop a deep understanding of Electric Vehicle Industry among his students. He has networked and worked with than @10000-EV Users, @250-EV OEM and ALiied Industries, @1000-EV Dealers across India, @500-Engineering Colleges/IIT's in India, @1000-Direct and Indirect Network of Agricultural Ecosystem and most important young youth of India's future (@5000 Students & 500 Faculties) from all over the country. His dream is to guide andhelp all Youth of India and welcome to join 1000+ internship across various industry segments. He also motivated industry professionals/students/faculties through webinars/Guest Lecture/FDP/STTP in EV domain.

Core Team

All our industry and faculties are working closely on Electric Vehicles trends in India and abroad and are always updated with the latest trends in EV Industry. Some of them are in teaching industry(IIT's) or EV industry. for more than a decade.

Mr. Dhananjay Shinde
Managing Director
(Electric Scooter OEM)
Envee Wheels Pvt Ltd
Mr. Ashish Deshpande
Ex - Jaguar Land Rover & Ricardo, UK EV Motor, Power Train & System Engg Expert(20 Years)
Dr. N. Ramakrishnan
Chairman - Advisory Board
Professor (PhD), IIT, Gandhinagar Sensors and Automation Expert (46 Years of IIT Teaching Experience)
Dr. Uday Mhaskar
Mentor-EV Powertrain & Charging
(PhD, IIT Bombay-17 Years Industry Experience)
Dr. Raju Kadam
Mentor-Light Weighing Chassis
(Research & Development, Bharat Forge)
(PhD, IIT Bombay-12 Years Industry Experience)
Mr. Rajesh Kapoor
Mentor - Simulations Expert
FEA, CFD, FSI, Fatigue, Motor, EMI/EMC
(25 Years of Simulation Consultancy Experience)
Dr. Shashi Bhushan Arya
Mentor-Material Degradation Expert NIT, Surathkal

(PhD, IIT Bombay-12 Years Industry Experience)
Dr.Krishnarao Dhuri
Founder & Director (Felidae Electric Pvt Ltd)
(Electric Bicycle OEM)
(PhD, IIT Bombay-20 Years Industry Experience)
Nandini Kanhere
Digital Marketing CSR & Media Actor - Filmmaker California, USA (20 Years Industry Experience)
Mr. Sanotsh Khawale
Director- INTOIT Solutions Pvt Ltd Pune, India
(10 Years Industry Experience)
Dr. Vidya Avasare
Mentor-Lithium Extraction/Recycling

PhD IIT Bombay
(25 Years Teaching Experience)
Dr. Surekha Deshmukh
Mentor-AI & Data Analytics - EV

IEEE Chairman - PES-IAS, Pune Section
(20 Years Teaching Experience)